These training Handouts and References are NOT university policies, procedures, or regulations. They are handouts, summaries, or tips that were used for discussion purposes and are posted as reference materials only. They are archived by date, so be sure to check for more recent policy or procedural information before making any research administration decisions based on these posted materials.

Uniform Guidance (UG) DISCLAIMER: The following documents provide information on high-impact UG issues and do not represent official policy change implementations by NC State University, the Office of Contracts & Grants, or SPARCS.

Training Resources from Previous Sessions
UG Federal Links
• Federal Register Uniform Guidance Web Page
• Uniform Guidance Federal Links - COFAR FAQ’s Feb. 2014 PDF | Aug. 2014 PDF
NCSU Training Materials
UG Subpart E Cost Principles (previously A-21) NCSU Training Slides (PDF) updated December 4, 2014
UG Subpart D Post Award (previously A-110) NCSU Training Slides (PDF) updated December 4, 2014
Overview of Pending Uniform Guidance Issues (PDF) from November 18, 2014 RSC Posting
Faculty Asset Search Tool: PDF || PowerPoint Versions from 11-11-14 RSC Session
Budgeting Issues – Labor rates, PINS Documents, Budget Formats, SPARCS Q&A Session 8-7-2012, Handouts and References:
Handout with Notes from Session (PDF)
Labor Hour Disclaimer Label Template (Word)
Labor Hour Exception Letter (Word)
Account Code Listing (PDF)
Financials 9.1 Upgrade – Contracts and Grants Training Guides posted 3-23-2012 (Internal Link)
Graduate Student Health Insurance
Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI) & Tuition Helpful Hints (PDF) and Stipend Versus Salary (PDF) (12-7-2010 Q&A Session)
JV Instructions to Move GSHI and Tuition (PDF) (March 2013)
Computers and Peripherals (PDF) (2010)

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