IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide is a general reference and is not meant to be a substitute for our University policies & regulations. Be sure to consult the University’s policies and/or contact us.

Summer Salary

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Summer Salary refers to any earnings paid through NC State University for work performed by 9-month faculty during the period between May 16 through August 15. During the summer, a 9-month faculty member may be paid no more than a total of 33.33 % (based on 1.0 FTE equivalent) of his or her nine-month base salary from all sources of funds. Exceptions beyond the 33.33% summer-earnings maximum must be approved in advance by the Dean/Vice Chancellor (not his/her designee).

Faculty are limited to 90% of the summer earnings maximum ( 90% of 33.33% = 30% of AY base pay) from sponsored project sources. This limit reserves time during the summer term for such activities as teaching, service or administrative duties, development of grant proposals, or time off for personal activities. Exceptions beyond 90% of total summer effort on sponsored projects must be approved by the Dean/Vice Chancellor (not his/her designee) and must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the project sponsor.

Some Points to Remember

  • Faculty summer salary must be for work performed during the summer period (May 16 – August 15) and for work performed on the specific project to which the salary is being charged.
  • The rate of pay for faculty summer salary charged to sponsored projects is based on the academic year base salary.
  • Time taken for vacation may not be charged to sponsored projects, and is not compensated for faculty on nine month appointments.
  • Salary received for summer effort not actually expended on a sponsored project, or for an amount of effort less that that originally anticipated, must be refunded to the sponsored project.
  • A faculty member may not receive pay from sponsored projects for non-sponsored research activities. This includes preparing for or writing proposals for future funding and any other administrative duties. Writing technical reports for existing projects is allowable.

Review Summer Salary Web Page

Review the C&G Summer Salary web page, Standard Operating Procedures, training requirements for faculty and administrative staff, and more for complete information on this topic.

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Redistributions and Effort Reporting

Redistributions and Effort Reporting

Personnel Actions and Payroll Redistributions directly affect Effort Reports. If you are unfamiliar with Redistributions, view the Redistributions (Systems) page to review the basics.

If a Payroll Redistribution is made, remember to make any necessary adjustments to the employee’s Effort Reports. If an Effort Report does not match the actual labor distribution reported for the employee, a variance is created and must be corrected.

If the Payroll Redistribution is not completed within 90 days, the college must submit a Redistributions Adjustment Form (PDF) to the Office of Contracts and Grants for approval. You can find specific instructions and more information linked from the Redistributions (Systems) page.

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