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Sponsored Projects Guide

  • Online detailed reference guide containing content from the original Research Administration Management Program (RAMP) training course with current information and links related to Research Administration policies and procedures for Pre-Award and Post-Award Research Administrators.

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Short guides on common topics, processes, and electronic systems.

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Q&A Sessions

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The Office of Contracts and Grants and SPARCS (Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance) offers a standing bi-monthly Question and Answer session to discuss specific pre-award and post-award topics of interest to the campus research community.

These sessions are held the first Tuesday of every other month from 9 to 10 am. They are generally held in available conference rooms in the Administrative Services Buildings located off of Sullivan Drive. (Click the schedule link below for specific dates and locations.)The objective of these sessions is to discuss specific issues in more depth than is possible in traditional workshops.

The issues/topics are based on recent issues in research administration. Attendees are encouraged to be interactive in deciding upcoming topics. (Please submit suggestions via e-mail for Pre-Award and Post-Award topics.)These sessions are very informal. There may or may not be handouts or prepared information. It is not intended to be a workshop. The only guidelines will be to stick to the topic(s) at hand and conclude the meeting after one hour.

It is important to encourage college and departmental level administrators to attend meetings that interest them. It will not be necessary for everyone to attend every meeting, but college/department representation is encouraged for every session.You can access review topics from previous sessions in the Training Resources Section below.

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Training Resources from Previous SessionsDo not use these handouts in place of current policy.