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FAQ for Project Modification Request

What actions require prior approval?

Change in PI/Key Personnel, PreAward Costs, Travel, Equipment Acquisition, Carryover/Carry Forward, Fabricated Equipment, No Cost Extension, Subaward, Modification, Budget Modification, Change in Scope and/or Other.

NOTE: PI’s on Internal Projects should enter a PMR and forward to appropriate Internal Sponsor for approval via C&G Fiscal Manager.

I am unable to create a PMR for a project for which I should have access. Why?

First, check to be sure the project is in the “Active” status in Financials. Also, check your User Setup to make sure that you have access to the OUC assigned to the project.

One of our faculty is unable to enter a PMR even though s/he is listed as a PI in RADAR and PINS. What is s/he doing wrong?

The PI is probably not linked to the project in the appropriate table. The PI association in PMR is gathered from the RADAR record. Call the PMR Helpline at 919-513-7954 and we will work with you to correct the issue.

My PI is unable to sign on to the system. What should we do?

Contact your Grant Business Officer (GBO) in the College Research Office.

How can I print out a copy of my online request?

Select File > Print from the internet browser toolbar. This will print your request in its entirety, including justification and comments.

I entered a PMR and saved it. Now I am unable to locate my saved PMR. What should I do?

The status of your PMR is now “NEW.” When you are searching for a PMR, change the status to “NEW” and enter the project ID in the appropriate field.

I have an extremely long justification statement that I would prefer not to retype into the PMR system. What can I do?

In the justification section, enter “See attached justification documents.” You can then upload your Word or PDF document.

I need to add an OUC to my access. Who do I call?

Contact your Grant Business Officer (GBO) in the College Research Office.

I have a PMR system question. Do I call the ETSS Help Desk?

Start by calling our PMR User Hotline at 919-513-7954. We can probably help you or let you know if you need to call ETSS.

Can I submit a PMR based on an email request from a PI? Both the PI and the Department Head are out of the office

In extreme cases, your College Research Office can enter a PMR that will route directly to C&G. Forward the email request to the College Research Office and explain your situation. If the College Research Office deems it necessary, they can enter the PMR, upload the PI’s email requesting the PMR, and submit it directly to C&G

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