Uniform Guidance

  • Principal Investigator Certification Form (PDF)
    • The Principal investigator Certification is now being handled electronically within the Closeout system.
  • How to Certify a Closeout? – eLearning Module for Principal Investigators
    • Upon completion of this 25 minute module, you will be able to:
      • Explain UG Certification
      • Describe the reason for PI closeout certification
      • Demonstrate the UG certification process
      • Explain repercussions of not certifying
      • Interpret certification language

 To register and view, please go here: UG Closeout Certification for PIs (eLearning Module)

Unity ID & Login required for registration via “REPORTER” 

Financials 9.1 Upgrade

Quick Reference Guides

User Manual

  • College & Department Closeout ProcessPDF | Word

Closing a Fixed Price Account

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