Account Codes

Listing of system account codes for colleges that budget at the Summary or Detail level.

Chartfield Request System

The Chartfield Request System launched in March 2012 replaces the BA-148 form to request new projects via the Financials System, including project segment requests for ledger 5.


Closeouts for final reporting and documentation for Sponsored Projects are electronically routed in the Closeout system to the various business units for processing, review, and approval.

Faculty Asset Search Tool (User Guide)

To be in compliance with OMB Circular A-110 or 2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance), faculty must certify that a search was completed within the University for available assets before purchasing new assets for a sponsored project. Faculty may use the Faculty Asset Search Tool to complete and certify these searches.

Please contact with any questions related to the certification requirement or the use of the search tool.

Access the following User Guide for step-by-step instructions:

PI Portal

The PI Portal provides a listing of each PI’s projects (active and inactive), alerts, and project specific information. Go to the PI Portal web page for an overview and User Guides.

PMR System (Project Modification Request)

The online PMR system (replacing the PAR System) streamlines prior approval requests from the department/PI to the College Research Office, then on to C&G or Sponsored Programs. The online PMR system also provides accountability for all who manage and process PMRs.


Redistributions are used to adjust monthly and biweekly payroll charges, including salary and benefits, made in previous periods.


Wolfpack Reporting System (WRS) provides financial data on sponsored projects and Report2Web  generatesreports for Personnel data as well as financial data related to Redistributions and Supplemental Pay.

Research Administration Data And Reporting (RADAR) is a database for monitoring, recording, and reporting on submitted proposals and award actions on sponsored activities maintained by Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS).

System Upgrades

Periodic system upgrades are necessary to provide improvements and efficiencies to existing systems. The most recent March 2012 Financials 9.1 upgrade information and training materials are currently included in this section.


As part of federal requirements related to employees working on sponsored projects, our faculty must estimate, periodically review, and certify the percentage of effort they accrue on each project, whether their salaries are being paid by the sponsor or cost-shared by the university. We use the TEARS system to document the effort.