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Current F&A Cost Rates

Full Rate Agreement Signature Date 01/24/17 (PDF)

To view guidance on implementation of this rate, please view the memo dated 03/06/17 (Unity Login required).

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Determining Direct vs. F&A Costs

Quick Reference Guide: How to Apply the Correct F&A Rate (PDF)

University Fringe Benefit Charge

Certain fringe benefits are charged to projects through the use of a fixed fringe benefit charge.

The benefits that are included in this charge are the following:

  • Workers Compensation,
  • Unemployment Compensation,
  • Short-term disability plan,
  • Associated benefits for the short-term disability plan (social security, state retirement and medical insurance),
  • Severance Pay and Terminal Leave Pay (effective 7-1-98), and
  • The administrative costs associated with the Workers Comp, Flex Plan, Voluntary AD&D Plan, and Voluntary Vision plans.

The fringe benefit composite rate is commonly referred to as the “1891 Charge” since the account, 51891, is where the charge is ultimately reflected in the Financial System.

The 1891 charge is automatically generated by the system at month end as a fixed percentage of salary expense for that month. You will especially need to keep this in mind when completing account closeout since this charge needs to be considered/adjusted if you are adding or subtracting any additional salary expense charges as part of your reconciliation process.

The actual rates are included in the University’s F&A Cost Rate Agreement (PDF). To locate, scroll down to the third page of the document.

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