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Office of Contracts and Grants

  • Mailing Address:
    Office of Contracts and Grants
    240 Administrative Services III
    2701 Sullivan Drive
    Campus Box 7214
    Raleigh, NC 27695-7214

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Fiscal Manager (FM) Code*

Phone Number (AC 919)


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FM Definition Chart
Allison Nelson 515-8011 Assistant Director, Systems and Compliance
Brad Priser 513-7222 Compliance Specialist
Caroline Williams Pennington 513-7290 Cost Accounting Analyst
Carrie Gage 4 515-8012 Strategic Partner Accountant
Darryl Butler 513-1950 Fiscal Assistant
David Morgan I 513-3445 Fiscal Manager
Debbie Jordan 513-8140 Training Specialist, C&G Webmaster
Delores Pulliam A 515-8010 Fiscal Manager
Ginny King F, P 515-8017 Senior Fiscal Manager
Houston Alexander 513-1930 Fiscal Assistant
Joanne Pope-Clark R 515-8001 Fiscal Manager
Kathleen Bradley-Lockhart C, J, S, V, Y 515-8009 Executive Senior Fiscal Manager
Lakeisha Anthony H, L, O 515-0740 Strategic Partner Accountant
Marquya Crawford Q 515-3008 Senior Fiscal Manager
Meghan Griffith Kerr B, E 515-8007 Senior Fiscal Manager
Milburn Holbrook T 515-8506 Associate Director, C&G
Nick Thorpe M 513-2391 Fiscal Manager
PMR Helpdesk 513-7954
Sajan George 515-8015 Accounts Receivable Specialist
Shekeya Council  Z 513-7289 Fiscal Manager
Sherry Williams G 515-8016 Fiscal Manager
Susan Peaslee 515-8013 Systems and Compliance Analyst
Suzanne Brubaker K 515-3742 Assistant Director, Operations
Tanisha Ray 513-8150 Processor – Project ID Set-Up
Thelia Burrell 515-8006 Systems Accountant
Vacant 515-8014 Fiscal Manager
Vacant 515-8018 Fiscal Manager
Vacant 515-8005 Fiscal Manager
Effective November 18, 2015
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