Service Center Overview

A Service Center, which includes recharge centers and specialized service facilities, is a University unit/facility organized to provide goods and/or services to other University departments/units. The costs of these goods and/or services are charged directly to internal and external users based on established billing rates and actual usage of services.

Service Center charges that are technical in nature should be budgeted and charged to account code 4998 when billed to the Contract and Grant project id number. This policy became effective July 1, 1999. The decision on which account codes were to be used was based on the need to be consistent with our CAS Disclosure statement, which discloses how costs are charged.

The Office of Cost Analysis is responsible for reviewing and approving use rates for service centers that anticipate charging Contract and Grant projects (ledger 5). The Budget Office and University Controller’s Office should be contacted for additional requirements for service centers, and for information on service centers that do not charge Contract and Grant projects.

The contact person in the Office of Cost Analysis is Brent Lemons at 919-515-8808.