Fringe Benefit Rates for Service Centers

Fringe Benefit Rates for Service Centers
Effective July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013
State Retirement Participants Optional Retirement Participants
Retirement 14.31% Retirement 12.66%
Social Security 7.65% Social Security 7.65%
University Benefit Charge* 1.95% University Benefit Charge* 1.95%
TOTAL 23.91% TOTAL 22.26%
Health Insurance
Post-Doc $3042.72 per year (253.56 per month) – (Post-Docs are considered temporary employees so they only receive the Social Security and University benefit charge in addition to the health insurance benefit.)
Graduate Assistant $1,706 per year (effective 8/16/11)
EPA / SPA $5,192 per year (effective 7/1/12)
* University Benefit Charge: Please note that this benefit rate is to be used for Self-Supportive Service Center Accounts. If your account is a lower level 3 or ledger 4, please contact Shelia Fisher for the appropriate University Benefit rate to be used.

The rates outlined in this chart are to assist in development of the fringe benefit rates to be used in Service Center use rate calculations.

If you have questions on the use of these fringe benefit rates in Service Centers, please contact Shelia Fisher at 919-515-8808.