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Justo Torres


The Office of Contracts and Grants welcomes Justo Torres as our new Director. He has been making the rounds on campus since joining us on March 23rd, but for faculty and staff who have not had the opportunity to meet or work with him, we decided to post a “Meet the New Director” article.  This should give you a behind-the-scenes overview of the experience he brings to us as well as his perspective and goals for the future.


Justo joins us with over 20 years of research administration experience at various universities, most recently with UNC at Chapel Hill for the last several years as the Assistant Director for Award Management in the Office of Sponsored Research.

Following his years “in the trenches” of grants management, he negotiated F&A rates at the University level as well as developed campus-wide policies and procedures related to cost overruns, project costing, Effort Reporting penalties, closeouts and collections.  He also led a campus-wide implementation of an electronic Effort Reporting system, ultimately achieving 100% timely effort certification for the entire University.

Justo’s money-saving achievements include:

  • Reducing the University of Central Florida’s uncollected accounts receivable by 90% over a four year period after developing policies and procedures related to sponsored projects collections.
  • Collecting nearly $2,000,000 in a two-year-old accounts receivable from a single sponsor, saving the University a large write-off for bad debt.

Justo is also not a stranger to the challenges of systems development and implementation including working with PeopleSoft at two universities. While at the University of Central Florida, he also developed a system and protocol for account closeout management as well as Designed IT systems to include research space utilization for later implementation.

He has also found the time to serve as the President of the Southern Section of the Society of Research Administrators (SRA International), has been a frequent speaker at national conferences, and has served as a resource for training and professional development.


Justo shared the following with us when asked about his plans for leadership in the Office of Contracts and Grants:

“It’s my goal to build upon the success of my predecessor and expand C&G’s commitment to customer service and support.  I hope to engage other administrative units that support NC State’s research mission to effect improved system and process integration.  Finally, I look forward re-energizing our commitment to providing training and professional development to our department and college based grant managers.”

He also made these comments recently in a general e-mail to C&G staff:

“Good Morning C&G,

Please join me in congratulating our own Kathleen Bradley-Lockhart, Marquya Crawford, and Bharati Javalkar (formerly our own).  They have each been nominated for the Finance & Business Award for Excellence.

In my short time here, I have learned one thing for certain…we have a great team!  Kathleen, Marquya, and BJ are but three excellent examples of the dedication and professionalism that you each exemplify.”

And when asked about his overall management philosophy, Justo told us:

“Open, effective, and two-way communication is one of the keys to success in a de-centralized structure.”

Justo welcomes conversations and correspondence from all University faculty and staff to learn more about what our office can do to help our sponsored projects succeed. You may reach him via e-mail at or by phone at 919-515-8008.


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Brad Priser 513-7222 Compliance Specialist
Caroline Williams Pennington 513-7290 Cost Accounting Analyst
Carrie Gage 4 515-8012 Strategic Partner Accountant
Danny Humphrey 515-8011 Assistant Director, Systems and Compliance
David Morgan I 513-3445 Fiscal Manager
Debbie Jordan 513-8140 Training Specialist, C&G Webmaster
Delores Pulliam A 515-8010 Fiscal Manager
Ginny King F, M, P 515-8017 Senior Fiscal Manager
Joanne Pope-Clark R 515-8001 Fiscal Manager
Kathleen Bradley-Lockhart S, V, Y 515-8009 Executive Senior Fiscal Manager
Lakeisha Anthony H, L, O 515-0740 Strategic Partner Accountant
Lauren Miller D, E 515-8007 Senior Fiscal Manager
Marquya Crawford G, Q 515-3008 Senior Fiscal Manager
Meghan Griffith Kerr B 515-8014 Fiscal Manager
Milburn Holbrook T 515-8506 Associate Director, C&G
PMR Helpdesk 513-7954
Sajan George 515-8015 Accounts Receivable Specialist
Shekeya Council  Z 513-7289 Fiscal Manager
Susan Peaslee 515-8013 Systems and Compliance Analyst
Suzanne Brubaker 515-3742 Assistant Director, Operations
Tanisha Ray 513-8150 Processor – Project ID Set-Up
Teresa Martin-Moss J 515-8018 Fiscal Manager
Thelia Burrell 515-8006 Systems Accountant
Whitney Hilliard C 515-8005 Fiscal Manager
Vacant 513-2391 Fiscal Manager
Vacant 515-8016 Fiscal Manager
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